About Us

Who We Are

The Stanislaus County Employee Mentor Program is celebrating its 17th year. In 1999, the Chief Executive Office developed a mentor program to address the County’s high dropout rate of 23.6%, which was one of the highest for the state of California. It was a local epidemic requiring a local, community driven solution to combat the potential barriers caused by either low self -esteem, lack of role models, disengagement, or a foreign language.

Invest in the Future….Mentor a Child

What We Do

  • We volunteer our lunch hour to mentor a child.
  • We volunteer twice a week at the local school.
  • We read a book with a young person.
  • We assist a young person with math skills.
  • We assist a young person with homework.
  • We improve reading comprehension.
  • We dedicate our time to teach.
  • We challenge a young person to achieve their goal.
  • We inspire at-risk youth to believe in their abilities.

What We Offer

This program positively impacts the lives of young people who are struggling in the classroom for various reasons. Over a forty minute lunch hour, employees volunteer their time to change a young person’s life by helping them identify, grow and achieve their goals. Our mentor program uses a team based approach to better balance work and this wonderful experience. A team can be comprised of as many as three employees who rotate their mentor days, so the young person consistently receives a visit twice a week.